Miranda Workman
Owner of Double Stitched
Anne Sherwood states,
"We have been very
impressed with his colt
starting skills.
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My Mission in Starting Horses

Through training a solid
foundation, the colts will have a
more trusting connection with their
stress-free life style.
Specializing In
Colt Starting

Trailer Loading

Ground Work

Trust Building in All Horses

Conditioning & Tune Ups
Layout for 3 Month Training Plan
Month 1

Confident and trusting on the ground
Confident in moving forward with saddle at all three gaits
Confident in moving forward with me in saddle at all three gaits

Month 2

Refine skills from Month 1
Work on keeping horse forward
Able to guide/steer at all three gaits
Introduce the stop and back up

Month 3

Refine skills from Months 1 & 2
Introduce some basic lateral and supple/softening work
Work on new rider riding the horse
Ride out if horse is ready

All horses will be given careful consideration to whether or not they are mentally and
physically mature enough to handle the work and progress to the next level.
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