Double Stitched Enterprises, Inc. is proud to offer a unique internship experience for students desiring to further their training skills and knowledge of show
horses.  It is an excellent opportunity for students to get individual and group lessons as well as ride many different types of horses- from colts to finished show
horses.  Each internship is specialized to fit the individual needs of each intern including the opportunity to ride and train their own horse. Interns also get
hands on management experience.  Weekly meetings and groups lessons are also part of the experience to discuss progress, goals for each week and
evaluate training programs.  
Our Mission is to assist the interns in reaching their goals and getting them to the next level in their career.
“I’m Daniela Sandelin and this is my third internship
so far.  The last two summers, I have worked at
Double Stitched Enterprises, Inc.  I am also an Equine
Major at Northwest College, and I’m planning on
graduating with a double major in Equine Riding and
Training and Art.  I’m originally from Finland and the
passion for western riding and training brought me
here to Wyoming.  The internship has been a unique
experience because it has taught me hands on skills-
especially with breaking colts.”
Daniela Sandelin- Finland
“My name is Rachel Calkins and I’m from a
small town in Northern Idaho.  I came to
Wyoming for College, and I am currently in
the equine program at Northwest College.  
My internship this summer at Double
Stitched is helping me to work toward my
goal of one day being a trainer.  I have ridden
and shown horses all my life, but working for
Anne and Pam this summer has really
helped me to become a better rider and
     Rachel Calkins- Idaho
Anne Sherwood
230 Hwy 14 A
Powell, WY 82435
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