•        Touch up Shave: Run clippers back over any areas that need to be touched up.  To
create a flawless appearance of the muzzle (which will be highlighted with shine) you will
need to use a razor for a clean shave.  Place a dime size amount of baby oil in hand and
rub all over muzzle and nose.  With a regular razor, clean off stubbles of hair until smooth.  
Note: They currently make horse shaving razors that last longer (3 to 4 times) than
traditional human razors (1 time).
Straighten Tail:  All of our horses are hauled and stalled with their tails up in bags,
therefore, the tails are kinky-curly when let down.  Quarter Horses and Paints are currently
showing with straight tails and that creates another process for us.  To straighten the tail,
take horse to wash rack and dampen the tail.  Pick the tail out with fingers (refer to Mane
and Tail Care article) and allow to dry.  Soon to Come: Tail Extensions.
 Hoof Polish:  Take horse to an area that dirt-free (concrete or hardtop).  Take a
piece of sand paper or a sand block and carefully sand the flakey parts of hoof until the
whole hoof is smooth.  Note:  Be careful not to take too much off.  Hoof Polish usually comes
with an applicator, therefore, putting the product on is relatively easy except for symmetry.  
Check with Breed Associations for standards or regulations on types of hoof polishes
allowed.  We prefer using a product called Tuff-Stuff as it aids in moisture retention and
gives the hooves a glass-like clear shine.  We also use Ultra-Hoof Polish Enhancer before
entering the ring as it brings out the shine.
o        Solid Legs: Use black polish
o        White Legs: Use black or clear polish  
Whitening:  Horse with white legs generally need some help bringing out the true,
brilliant white color of the legs.  There are many options of products to use: baby powder,
corn starch, chalk, or color sprays.  Care must be taken to not let horse touch legs with
nose after application; therefore, we like to tie our horses once we reach this point.
Products We Prefer:
               Shapley’s Show Touch Up (Color Spray)
Fix Bands:  Make last minute adjustments to bands if needed including pulling and re-
doing some.
Last Minute Applications
•        Shine Spray:  Spray entire horse including mane and tail.  Pick a product that will make your horse shine
such as Vellus Moisturizing Mist or World Champion Pepi.  Some products, including Pepi, will collect dust so
make sure you have a grooming mitt or rag to wipe dust off before entering show pen.
o        Products We Prefer:
                       Vellus Moisturizing Mist
                       Pepi
                       MVP Daily Coat Regimen  
Face Shine:  Face Shine is used to accent the horse facial features including: muzzle, eyes, and ears.  
Take a small amount of face shine in palm of hand and rub hands together.  Rub shine all over muzzle, over
eyes and around ears.  
o        Products We prefer:
                       Ultra Face Shine
                       Pepi Nose and Eye Highlighter
Fly Spray:  If showing during the summer/fall months, we all know that flies are a pain in the butt.  Make
sure to fly spray horse before entering show pen to help limit the distraction.  For application on head choose a
roll-on product or apply spray to rag and wipe on face.
o        Product We Prefer:
                       Pyranha Insecticide
 Sunscreen:  If horses have a lot of white on face, they may need sunscreen applied to their face to
prevent them from sunburns.  A lot of the face shine products on the market now have sunscreens in them so
you will need to check the products you are buying or bring sunscreen with you to the show.
•        Rinse horse down to remove product and soothe aching muscles
•        Wash and condition mane and tail (refer to Mane and Tail Care article)
•        Give a treat and head home
Pictures by: Kip and Pamila Thiel

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