Anne Sherwood, Payton "Show Dog", Pamila Thiel,  
Megan Rand, and "Sarah"
Anne Sherwood and Payton the "show dog"
watching a show at NWC
Anne Sherwood
230 Hwy 14 A
Powell, WY 82435
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Provide Quality Services:

Specialized training of Western Show Horses

Full Care Boarding Facility

Individual focused lessons from knowledgeable instructors

High Quality show horse and prospect sales

Unique Clinics

New Age Therapy tools to assist in conditioning and rehabbing show horses.


Continue to provide a clean and healthy environment for housing and training of show horses.

Recognize the unique talents of each horse and through specialized and individual training, further develop each
horse's potential to the fullest.

Be surrounded by successful, ethical and value driven individuals that support the continued development of
Double Stitched Enterprises, Inc.

Managers, Staff, and Clients work diligently to support the longevity of the Double Stitched Enterprises, Inc. By
cleaning up after themselves, respecting each other and their property, following rules and guidelines, and being
courteous in day to day encounters.

Double Stitched is a quality Training and Boarding operation located in Powell, Wyoming.
Anne Sherwood
Daughter Pamila Thiel